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Business and Technology
Lab Policies
There is absolutely no eating, drinking or smoking in the lab or any of the computer classrooms.
Each semester you must register at the Sign-In desk computer with your name, student I.D., and class. Users must "sign" in and out at the main desk computer for each visit.
Students must provide their own file disks. Temporary files will be erased weekly. Disks are on sale at the SCC Bookstore.
Feel free to ask the staff for assistance for an immediate problem. The staff will refer you to the appropriate faculty if additional instruction is necessary.
Be considerate of others. Keep noise down and voices low. Help us keep the lab clean. Rude or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
Copying software is a violation of copyright laws and licensing agreements between SCC and publishers. Copying of student-generated files and Internet abuses are violations of SCC rules of conduct.
The staff is open to all reasonable suggestions. Requests and complaints should be put in writing and directed to the appropriate person or the department head.
Our computers are a valuable and precious resource for our students and accordingly we have developed the following penalties:
If a student brings food or drink into the lab, they will be asked to leave and will lose his/her lab priveges for the day.
A second occurance of bringing food or drink into the lab will result in the student being withdrawn from all computer use classes.
Any student involved with introducing a virus into a computer or the network will be considered in violation of Section V, sub section f, of the Student Disciplinary Procedures and code of Conduct. (See student handbook, page 38.)
Any student involved in tampering or damaging a computer or the network will be considered in violation of section V, sub sections f and u, of the Student Disciplinary Procedures and Code of Conduct. (See student handbook, page 38.)



Suffolk County Community College - Michael J. Grant Campus-Educational Technology Unit(ETU) Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood, New York 11717.