Welcome to the Photographic Imaging Program
The two year A.A.S. degree program at Suffolk County Community College is offered at the East Campus in Riverhead and at the Michael J. Grant campus in Brentwood. The program combines an intensive visual art curriculum with courses in the liberal arts and sciences to prepare students for entry-level positions in the field of photography and also provides a solid foundation which can be transferred to many four-year colleges.
First Semester: 16.5 Credits
ART114: History of Photography
ART144: Photography Career Seminar
ART145: Digital Photography I
ART147: Digital Materials and Processes
ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition
PSY101: Introduction to Psychology

Second Semester: 16-17 Credits
ART130: 2D Design
ART146: Digital Photography II
ART149: Photographic Lighting
HUM51: Developing Creative Imagination in the Arts
Mathematics Elective
Physical Education

Visual Arts 37 credits
Humanities 9 credits
Social Science 6 credits
Mathematics/Science 7-8 credits
Business 3 credits
Freshman Seminar 1.5 credits
Physical Education 2 credits

Hegis Code: 5007
Curriculum Code: 372-1

Fall Start
Third Semester: 17 Credits
ART244: Web Site Design for Photographers
ART245: Digital Photography III
Photography Elective
English Elective
Laboratory Science Elective
Physical Education

Fourth Semester: 16 Credits
ART246: Digital Photography IV
ART247: Professional Practices for Photographers
ART299: Photo Portfolio Development and Assessment
BUS150: Cooperative Education in Business
Photography Elective
Social Science Elective

Updated: May 20, 2011
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