Travel reimbursement

Full-time faculty


Start the process at least 6 weeks prior to the travel.
All updated forms are kept in: MySCCC → Employee → Employee Forms → Reimbursement Forms.

  1. Step 1) Read the information contained here (instructions are also available at MySCCC → Employee → Employee Forms → Reimbursement Forms).
  2. Step 2) Complete and submit: Request for Travel (Contractual Travel) Form. You will need to collect the signature of the department chair in that form before you send it to the Business Office.
  3. Step 3) Wait for approval. You should receive an e-mail, or sometimes, a notice via mail within about 2-3 weeks of submission.
  4. Step 4) Travel.
  5. Step 5) On return, complete both: Cover Form   and   Travel Expense Report.
  6. Step 6) A reimbursement check should arrive via mail within a month.


A separate source of funds for travel expenses and conference attendance is:

  1. Faculty Retraining & Development grant.

For that, please attend the annual workshop offered at the start of the spring semester (alert sent via e-mail by the Faculty Association).


Adjunct faculty


If you have three or more semesters of SCCC experience and are teaching/working two or more contact hours per semester, you are eligible to apply for the use of adjunct funds for professional purposes in an amount not to exceed $750 in any one academic year during which you are employed. Application form and more information below:

  1. Adjunct Professional Development.