Travel reimbursement

Start the process at least 6 weeks prior to the travel.
All updated forms are kept in: MySCCC → Employee → Employee Forms → Reimbursement Forms.

  1. Step 1) Read the information contained here (instructions are also available at MySCCC → Employee → Employee Forms → Reimbursement Forms).
  2. Step 2) Complete and submit: Request for Travel (Contractual Travel) Form.
  3. Step 3) Wait for approval.
  4. Step 4) Travel.
  5. Step 5) On return, complete both: Cover Form   and   Travel Expense Report.


Another separate source of funds for travel expenses, conference attendance, etc:

  1. Faculty Retraining & Development grant.

For that, please attend the annual workshop offered at the start of the spring semester (alert sent via e-mail by the Faculty Association).