Faculty commitments outside the classroom

Commitments with Discussion Groups and Advisory Boards are not listed below.
Representatives in Committees
Ammerman Campus Curriculum Sharadha Sambasivan (Fall 15)
Technology Glenda Denicolo
College Curriculum Jonathan Brockman
College Academic Standards Zhong Wang
Self-Study: Standard VI Glenda Denicolo
AAC: Program Review Glenda Denicolo
Ammerman Campus Senators
Jonathan Brockman (Fall 18)
Zhong Wang (Fall 17)
Faculty Association Positions
Vice President Sean Tvelia
Executive Council Representative Matthew Pappas
Faculty Retraining & Development Jonathan Brockman
Title III Task Force Member
Matthew Pappas
STEM Delegate
STEM Diversity Roundtable
LI Regional STEM Hub
Empire State STEM Learning Network
Candice J. Foley
Guild of Administrative Officers
President Thomas Breeden