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The SCCLIST is the mailing list for the Suffolk County Community College Employees. The list is un-moderated, and any topic that is relevant to life in Suffolk Community College is open for discussion. If you would like to subscribe, we only ask that you abide by the following two rules:

  1. Please do not post personal messages. Use the SEND command with the person's address if want answer someone on the list. Only use the REPLY command if you want to respond to the whole list.
  2. Be considerate. When you are posting a message, remember that there is a person behind every username. Lively debate is encouraged, rudeness is not.

How To Subscribe To The List

  1. Send an e-mail message to:
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. In the body of the message type: subscribe SCCLIST.

How To Send Messages To SCCLIST

    The most confusing things about mailing lists is that there two different addresses. The "mailing list server" address handles the administrative functions for the list. The "list" address (in this case SCCLIST) is the address you use to post messages to the list. To post a message on the SCCLIST, send an email message to: Messages will usually be posted immediately, but there are may be unforeseen circumstances where it might take a day or two. If your message is not posted within a couple of days, resend it. You can only send messages if you are subscribed to the list!

How To Send Commands To The Majordomo Software

    Below is a list of commands available to SCCLIST subscribers:

      UNSUBSCRIBE - Removes your e-mail address from the list
      LIST - Sends a list of mailing lists available at SCCC
      HELP - Sends the majordomo help file

    To use these commands:

    1. Send an email message to .
    2. Leave the Subject line blank.
    3. Type the command in the body of the message. Use the following format:


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can email Kevin McCoy at

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