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Please view the table below for the latest committee updates:
College Governance CouncilNovember 12, 201409/05/14, 10/03/14, 11/07/14 Agendas & 09/05/14, 10/03/14 Minutes posted.
College Governance Council Office: S101B, Sagtikos Arts & Science Building - Michael J. Grant Campus, 631-851-6231,
General StudiesAugust 27, 20142013-2014 archived.
AssemblyDecember 11, 201412/02/14 Assembly Update, 12/02/14 Agenda, 10/28/14 Minutes, Academic Assembly Resolution 2014/2015-04 & -05 posted, Calendar updated.
Academic StandardsJanuary 26, 201509/23/14, 10/21/14, 12/16/14 Agendas posted.
Nature PreserveOctober 7, 201404/01/14 Agenda & 04/01/14 Minutes archived.
Persons w/DisabilitiesSeptember 26, 2014Membership updated.
Community RelationsAugust 27, 20142013-2014 archived.
Physical DevelopmentAugust 28, 20132012-2013 archived.
ScholarshipSeptember 9, 2014Membership updated, 05/23/14 & 06/30/14 Minutes archived.
Honors AdvisoryMarch 22, 20122011-2012 archived.
Campus LifeAugust 28, 20132012-2013 archived.
Computing CommitteeOctober 3, 201404/15/14 Minutes archived.
PedagogyMay 30, 2013Membership updated.
FOCUS GroupNAVisit Website for all committee documents.
Eastern CongressJanuary 26, 2015Calendar updated.
PlanningJanuary 22, 2015Membership updated.
Quality of LifeJanuary 6, 201512/08/14 Minutes posted.
Academic StandardsJanuary 26, 2015Calendar updated.
Ammerman SenateJanuary 7, 2015Resolutions #2014-15-1 to -6 posted.
Ways & MeansJanuary 6, 201512/10/14 Agenda & 11/05/14 Minutes posted, Calendar updated.
Quality of LifeJanuary 6, 2015Calendar updated.
Academic AffairsDecember 1, 201410/23/14 & 11/20/14 Agenda posted, Calendar updated.
Technology CommitteeSeptember 16, 2014Membership updated.
Student LiaisonJanuary 6, 201510/21/14 Minutes posted.
Campus RelationsNovember 20, 201411/12/14 Minutes posted.
Ad-hoc SustainabilityAugust 22, 20082008 - 2009 archived.
College Curriculum January 26, 2015 Accounting A.A.S. Expedited Curriculum Revision, Nursing A.S. Curriculum Revision, Visual Arts AS Expedited Curriculum Revision, Communication Studies Expedited Curriculum Revision, Business Administration A.A.S. Expedited Curriculum Revision, Business Administration A.S. Expedited Curriculum Revision proposals posted, Calendar updated.
Ammerman Curriculum January 26, 2015 Fitness Specialist Curriculum Revision Proposal, Engineering Sciences Expedited Curriculum Revision Proposal,Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities Emphasis Expedited Curriculum Revision Proposal,Human Services Program (Revision 2014) Expedited Curriculum Revision Proposal posted.
Eastern Curriculum January 26, 2015 01/27/15 Agenda, 10/21/14 Minutes, Calendar & Membership updated.
Grant Curriculum January 26, 2015 01/27/15 Agenda posted.
Special Topics Courses January 26, 2015 ECO295 - Personal Economics added to Proposals.
College-Wide Academic StandardsDecember 11, 201411/06/14 & 12/04/14 Agenda, 09/11/14, 10/02/14, 11/06/14 Minutes, Proposals 2014-15-1 and -2 posted, Calendar updated.
Academic Integrity CommitteeAugust 28, 20092008 - 2009 archived.
College-wide Class SizeAugust 29, 20142013-2014 archived.
College-wide Developmental StudiesSeptember 19, 2014Membership updated, 2013-2014 Annual Report added to main page.
Freshman Seminar AdvisoryNovember 12, 201410/02/14 Minutes posted.
College Honors AdvisoryNovember 7, 201410/23/14 Minutes posted.
Ammerman Campus ComputerNAVisit Website for all committee documents.
College Computer CouncilNAVisit Website for all committee/subcommittee documents.
Distance EducationNAVisit Website for all committee documents.
Master Schedule ProcessNAVisit Website for all committee documents.
Title IIIApril 27, 2011Visit Website for all committee documents.
Faculty Council of
Community Colleges
February 19, 2013SUNY BOT Resolution: Seamless Transfer Requirements posted.
Title III WikiAugust 31, 2009Title III Wiki link added.
Distinguished FacultyMarch 24, 2009SUNY Distinguished Faculty Rank Information Page.
Chancellor's AwardMarch 3, 2014This is a link to the Chancellor's Award Nomination information page. Nomination forms due by April 18, 2014.
Governance AwardDecember 19, 2013Governance Award for Academic Excellence and Service

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