Recent and rapid advances in computing have broadly expanded the opportunities for image-making in the visual arts. The Computer Art curriculum builds upon traditional studio skills developed in foundation drawing and design courses and branches into electronically-based media such as drawing, 3D modeling, animation, digital characters, digital video, and multimedia production. This curriculum prepares students for careers in computer-generated image-making art, information and entertainment fields, as well as for transfer into baccalaureate computer-based visual arts programs.

The four-semester sequence starts every fall and must be taken in order. For example: students will gain experience and knowledge in core courses offered in the 1st semester that will be neccessary for the 2nd semester. The core computer art (ART) courses are offered on the Eastern Campus only.

Acceptance into the computer art curriculum is for FALL admission only. However, students may consult with the department for possible spring courses, but will be on a track consisting of five or more semesters due to core course prerequisites.