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"The Suffolk County Community College EAP offers the best education in starting and operating a successful business. Instructors for this program are all experienced high-achieving professionals. The business plan, complexities of the business world, financial impact, market research and so much more, are all presented in a well constructed engaging format. Best of all for me, is the continued professional support from the EAP long after the completion of my course"

...Monica Campbell
"The business class empowered me to the point where I was able to overcome the many obstacles that come with owning a small business. I encourage anyone who has dreams of opening a small business or currently owns one, to take advantage of this wonderful class; It's a pathway to success."

...Yolette David
"We took the EAP program a few years ago. They helped us improve our business plan and connect with influential business professionals. In addition, after the program ended, EAP provided us with QuickBooks classes to keep our business venture financially updated."

...Laticia and Betty Howard
"I want to Thank the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program for helping me grow my business. When I took the Entrepreneurial Program I learned a lot of mistakes I was making for 10 years. Prior to taking the Program my business was not successful; but Thanks to the Instructors who are very knowledgeable and helpful, I acquired a Government Defense Travel Contract. I suggest anyone who has a passion for Whatever, take the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program first."

...Elena Jackson
"Inspiration to continue with my business plan"

...Louise Fleury
"The program helped provide a framework for setting up and running a business that i can draw upon in the future."

...Mark Loughran
"Success depends on the support of other people. Entrepreneurial Assistance Center helped my business find support to become successful."

...Nate Johnson
"The Entrepreneurial Assistance Center gave me the tools to successfully complete a professional 12 page business plan with ease. This business plan allowed me to obtain the necessary capital to open my first brick and mortar business. EAP's support and encouragement was second to none and they have continued to support all my endeavors, big and small. I highly recommend this course for any budding entrepreneur who wants the expertise the EAP staff can and will provide."

...Alice P. Byrne

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