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Ophthalmic Assistant Technician and Optician Programs

The Office of Continuing Education (OCE) is offering a non-credit Ophthalmic Assistant Technician and Optician Programs. This program will provide enrollees with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain employment in optical centers under the supervision of an licensed optician; or in an ophthalmic office as an ophthalmic assistant. Participants must have a high school diploma or a GED. The discounted tuition for each part of the two-part program is $1595.

Certain income eligible people may be able to participate free of charge.

Part I – Ophthalmic Assistant Technician and Optician Programs (142 hours):
Pre-requisite: High school or High School Equivalency; one year high school algebra.

1.   Math Brush Up (24 hours)

2.   Overview of Ophthalmic Medicine (6 hours)

3.   Community Ophthalmic Practice (15 hours)

4.   Introduction to Medical Law and Ethics (12 hours)

5.   Introduction to Medical Terminology (24 hours)

6.   Introduction to Optics and Lensometry (15 hours)

7.   Ophthalmic Calculations (15 hours)

8.  Excel for Health Care Professionals (15 hours)

9.   Ophthalmic Observation (8 hours)

10. Communication Skills (8 hours)

Part II Ophthalmic Technician Program (185 hours)
Prerequisite: Successfully completed Part I

1.  Advanced Ophthalmic Calculations (6 hours)

2.  Advanced Lensometry (45 hours)

3.  Office Procedures Insurance and Inventory Procedures (12 hours)

4.  Introduction to Spanish for Health Care (15 hours)

5.  National Certification Exam Preparation (15 hours)

6.  Optical Instruments (12)

7.  80 Hour Observation (80)


All participants must pass an entrance exam before being accepted into the program.
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