NABCEP Solar PV Installer Tuition $3,695.00

Solar PV Fundamentals, Design & Installation

This is an introductory course that provides the student with an in depth background of the solar photovoltaic industry. This core knowledge is essential for the design and installation sections of the training program; it is the foundation students need to be successful during and after the program. Upon its completion, they will have all the resources needed to confidently enter into the fast pace solar industry.  

The design section of the training provides students with the knowledge needed to enter the solar industry or start their own businesses. Designing a solar system to meet the requirements of a company or homeowner is more of an art form then it is a job. In this section of the training, students will be taught proper placement and calculation of string sizing of solar arrays in order to meet not only the customer needs, but also to adhere to building codes. Appropriate resources for locating rules and regulations for local jurisdictions will also be covered.

NABCEP Solar PV - Subjects & Topics


o History of Solar Power

o Basic Terminology

o Advantages/Disadvantage

o Photovoltaic Process

o Electricity 101

o Safety (OSHA Requirements)

o Site Survey

o Equipment Differentiation

o Past, Present, & Future Trends

o Grid Tied vs. Stand Alone

o Inverters, Charge Controllers

o Balance-of-System Components

Business Development

o Business Plan Development

o Market Identification/Segment

o Strategic Business Location

o Identifying market demographics

o Federal/State Incentives

o Financing Options

o Sales Tactics/Pitch

o Common Customer Questions

o Response to General Inquires


o  Inverter Sizing

o  Wire Sizing

o  Fire Codes

o  Esthetics

o  Ideal Panel Location and Tilt

o  Sun Hours

o  Battery Sizing


o  Standalone Systems

o  DC and AC Disconnects

o  Junction Box Connections

o  Inverter and Meter Connections

o  Micro-inverter Connections

o  Series and Parallel Wiring of Panels

o  Witnessing electricity being fed back to grid

Location: Bronx, NY (Venue address to be provided upon registration)









5pm - 9pm


5pm - 9pm


9am - 5pm










5pm - 9pm


5pm - 9pm


9am - 5pm

9am - 5pm


Includes the following online content:

      Solar 101: Webinar

         LEED Green Associate Training

      Solar 102: 8 Hour self-paced introductory to PV Solar Installation

         LEED Building Design and Construction Training

      Geothermal Installer

         ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Training: Entry Level training for Building code

      Green 101Training.



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