Equipment Relocation Request Form

Please use this form if you are relocating any type of computer or telephone equipment. Please note that your campus Technology Coordinator must approve all moves prior to the work being started. Please be aware that you must make your request at least seven days prior to your target relocation date to allow enough time for the departments of Networking & Telecommunications, Desktop Services and Plant Operations to coordinate and carry out your request.

To make the process as simple as possible, printable worksheets are available for download. All fields must be completed and any incomplete forms cannot be processed.

Please select your name from the dropdown list and click the circle next to one of the appropriate choices listed below. Click on submit after completeting your selections. Once you make your selection you will be brought to a new page.

It is the responsibility of the person requesting the move to contact the campus maintenance department to perform the physical relocation of furniture and equipment.

All of the information requested is about the person who is moving. If you are filling out the form for someone other than yourself, please use their name as the person requesting move.

Person requesting move:

If your name does not appear in the above list, please use this manual request form.

Type of move requested: